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Mold specification:


Every part is all following the world standard specification. (Pin, hot runner, puller, screw….)




Customer’s idea à Design à 3D measurement à CAD/CAM à Cutting path tracingà CNC milling à EDM à Bench à Work à Spotting à Mould testing à Quality checking à Packing & Shipping



  1. With the shipping, we will also provide the mold drawing by paper and CD with the mold, and then when the customer would like to check the mold, they can do according to the drawing.
  2. For the mold dimension, we will know the injection machine which customer would like to use first, and then we can decide the suitable mold size for the customer.
  3. Before making the mold, we will send the drawing of the product and the mold to the customer for confirmation. If the customer would like to make some modification, they can inform us at that time. We will start to make the mold till the drawing is confirmed.
  4. Customer can appoint the steel material which they would like to use.
  5. On the surface treatment, we will use high quality polish and chrome planting.
  6. We will also provide the steel certificate to customer to check the steel.
  7. If the customers have the problem during their production, we will provide our professional advice to help the customer to solve the problem.